On The Farm Scents- Candles


American Glory "On The Farm Scents" Coconut Wax Candles

ON THE FARM SCENTS: a great addition to our Farm Chick Chic handbags, reminiscent of the country farm our scents bring a fresh new idea to your home. The sweet scent of a horses Stable, the musky, leather smell of a Saddle, Fresh Cut Hay, Fresh Brewed Coffee and many more.

Coconut Wax Candles-made from food grade certified coconut oil with the cleanest burn available, the result is a wax like no other, clean burning, exudes fragrance and truly ecologically responsible.

Natural Coconut Wax Blend
Paraffin Free
Non GMO Coconut (genetically modified organism)
Sustainable Wax Base
Fragrance Oil Blends
Lead Free Cotton Wick
Clean Burning
Hand Poured

Made In The USA

Wax Weight 8.5 oz, Glass Candle Jar with lid, candle size is 3.5" height and 3" wide

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